Gervais and Desloges (Delage) Family Trees
Gervais and Desloges (Delage) Family Trees

Family Genealogy of J.A.Douglas Gervais and Shirley Ann Desloges

Descendants of:

Mathieu GERVAIS (dit Leparisien) & Jean DELAGE (dit Lavigueur)
(including Blais, Gibson, Laframboise, Dennis, McSorley, etc.)

Most of the information in this collection comes from both established and secondary sources including results from the prior research of close family relatives and others who share our ancestry. We are satisfied with the authenticity for a good portion, but not all, of our sources and data. The research is never ending. However, keeping an important genealogists research rule in mind, everyone accessing public data should treat the information as suspect until they have found and verified an accepted reference source that links it to their research.

For the record our actual sources, to name a few, have included publications held at the Libraries and Archives of Canada, Provinces, Regional and Municipalities, the Dictionnaires Tanguay and Jette, Drouin, PRDH U/Mtl, Census Records as well as published Registers of many church Parishes.

Following a common practice, our specific source references are not included with this collection. Consequently, relatives or anyone interested in following up on any segment of this collection are encouraged to contact us to question, share notes/sources and/or to discuss areas of further research, to fill in gaps, expand or improve our common data base. Copies of photos to add to the collection would be appreciated

Finally, for purposes of confidentiality, it should be understood that it is our personal policy to treat data concerning living persons/families as private correspondence and not to release their vitals without their explicit approval.